Quantum Lead Follow Up

Step 1 is Calling the leads…

Yes Duh. hard to believe the sale of someones home happening without at some point, real people having a real conversation.  The earlier you can talk to a prospect in the process the better.  The later in the process, the more likely you are in serious competition with others.  Again Duh.

More on this in this following video

Leads that haven’t picked up your phone calls.  DO NOT Send a text on your first few calls that day, after calling several times, then send following text.
The text is this:  first name, are you there?
They will usually respond to a text like this.  Yes who’s this?
You respond with: It’s David.  I’m calling you now.
And call.  If they don’t answer, leave a message:  first name, hey.  It’s David .  Call me xxx-xxx-xxxx thanks
If they respond:  I can’t talk right now.  What is this about?
You:  when’s a good time later to call you.  It’s about the homes you wanted.  (Not a lot of details)

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