Sales Meeting 11/4/2019

Sales Meeting November 4 2019

Mission Statement and Vision

Launching Plans.  ISA Buyer Appointments, Under Contract Plans



3Rs Reviews, Referrals, Repeat

How many calls will you commit to this Month?

How many showings?

How many escrows?

You must make things happen vs letting things happen. Your routine = your results.  Want more results? Add MORE to your routine.  LOTS more!

Are you willing to out-work everyone.  6 Days vs 7 God worked 6.  Christ?  Government workers are 40 hours with a lot of holidays.

Listening to others to slow down..haha look at their life


Motivated buyers working with another agent



Sample Buyer Closing Phrases

Obtaining an appointment

1) Ive found you a terrific home and want to show it to you ASAP before someone else gets it.  How soon can we get together?  If they ask you about it; I’d rather not give you the specifics, you have to see it for yourself.  Will you trust me on this one?

Prior to showing

2) Its important for you to know that your not going to get any pressure from me, so when you see a home you like, let me know “this is one the one or ask me “what’s the next step?” that way you’re the one deciding which home you wish to pursue versus me “selling you”…

3) Also, you are under no obligation to look at all the homes we have scheduled today.  If you see one you like, let me know so we can pursue that one before someone else does.

At the property

4) It looks like you guys like this one.  Why don’t we go back to the office and talk about it in depth.  Chances are if you like it, other buyers will like it too, so let’s not waste any time, okay?

5) This one is listed for $X.  What do you think of the price?  Based on X% down, your total monthly payment would be X.  Is that comfortable?  If yes, why don’t we look at an Offer Form and see if everything else meets your satisfaction? If no, how much over your comfort level is it?  (Then make an offer accordingly if it’s reasonable or demonstrate tax benefits illustrating actual costs and suggest changing withholdings.)

Immediately after the offer is Written

6) You know, it’s very common that many buyers will go home after making an offer and after all the excitement sellers down, start second guessing their decisions.  In fact, I’ve had clients just like you tell me they couldn’t sleep at night, they stayed awake wondering , did we make the right decision, should we have done anything different? Don’t do that to yourselves, you’ve made a good offer and a good decision.  Keep remembering that.  And when you find yourself deviating from that , remember it’s normal and all buyers go through it.



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