Get The Leads on The Phone

Quantum Leap Follow Up Systems.


Duh. Hard to believe the sale of someone’s home happening without, at some point, real people having a real conversation. The earlier you can talk to a prospect in the process the better. The later in the process, the more likely you are in serious competition with others. Again. Duh.

In the Quantum Leap System you will learn TWO approaches to lead generation. One is Branded. The other is Less Branded. Both Direct Response.

As you pick up the phone and phone the leads, you can get more of them on the phone – even if they are not expecting your call.

Firstly, any prospect contacting you wanting to talk to you, expecting a response (ex. a lead from branded marketing) you would be wise to call them ASAP. FAST response is good. Just follow our strategy of best agents get the best leads. But lead with fast response.

When a lead is NOT expecting a response, not waiting on your call (like a less branded lead from a hot list of homes), strategic follow up is best.

Platinum Strategic Response System looks like this:

Time Block to ensure follow up. Pick times that your experience reveals prospects are more likely to answer the phone.

Call, if prospect does not answer, hang up without leaving a voice mail. THEN, immediately call the prospect again. Some refer to this as double tapping. Whatever it is, it signals to the prospect that your call to them is more important than a casual call. If the prospect does not answer on that second call back, hang up again without leaving a message. THEN, text.

Lets assume the prospect is David Delgado. The text message would be: David, are you there?

If there is no quick response, move on to the next lead. If ‘David’ never responds. Repeat the process later.

If David responds to the text with something like: yes, whos this?

You respond with: Its Todd. Im calling you now.

And call. If David does not answer, leave this message. David, Hey. Its Todd. Call me. 000-000-0000. Thanks.

If David texts. I cant talk right now. What is this about?

You: When’s a good time later to call you. Its about the house (homes, info you wanted, etc. But not a lot of details).

Bottom line… WORK at getting the prospect on the phone. And when you do… Follow The Call Back Script.

Bottom line: Timid sales people have skinny kids. Whoever wins the follow up game. Wins.

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