Sales Training Dec 5 2019 Lead Conversion Deal Sweetener

  • Wishy Washy buyer response: If you were to find the perfect home that matches EXACTLY what you are looking for and the price is within your budget, would you make a move?
  • Plan B Offer**FREE and not obligated********didn’t close for an appointment, respond handle any objection……..
  • Deal Sweetener –  This is a free public service we offer and you are not obligated to buy a home.  We take down your exact home buying criteria and plug that into our Exclusive Buyer Profile System, then you will get emails of all of the homes matching your criteria emailed to you with pictures and descriptions as often as they hit the market. You will be able to beat out other buyers to the best homes because of the priority notification.
  • The list even includes distress sales, bank foreclosures and corporate owned properties.
  • Does this sound like an easy way to make the home buying process smoother.
  • If yes – set appointment – go to buyer qualifying
  • Setting the appointment:
  • Always get the buyer to say yes to the home hunter service before asking or mentioning an appointment.
  • After the Buyer says yes to the profile/home hunter service,
  • Great.  Are you available over the next day or two for us to swing by, take down your exact criteria and get that set up for you?
  • Objections:
  • Not sure, check with spouse:  I could understand that, are you buying the home with your spouse. Great.  While I have you on the phone, why don’t we go ahead and schedule a tentative meeting and if that is a problem you can just call me back.
  • Just send me the listings – or – I can tell you what I want over the phone:  Rather than us just send you 100 or more listings that may or may not be what you are looking for and you possibly missing out on a great deal, if we get together for about 20 mins we can take down your exact criteria and insure the right properties are coming your way.
  • Again, you are not obligated to buy a home. There are over 80,000 homes for sale in the MLS systems so it is easy to miss out on the perfect One.  There are over 100 separate search specifics and criteria to use, we have found that buyers benefit more by finding properties faster and with less hassle by reviewing this in person vs. over the phone.  And we really want you to benefit and do you a good job.
  • Do I have to sign anything:  No you do not have to sign anything. The Buyer Profile System is a public service and you are not obligated to buy a home.

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