3 Top daily activities you must be doing to sell 3-4 per month!

3 Simply Steps to your daily activities that will make YOU money.

1) Following up with your buyers profiles.  Ensuring you are getting the buyer the properties they want and desire.  The way to do this is go to  crmls.org and login to our master account ydelgdav and see if the buyer are checking their automatic emails.  Also, check the searchhomesinwhittier website. That website, you will see what homes they are viewing most.

2) Property searches.  What you do here is going to separate you from the average agent and you being a super star producer.  Knowing the market, you got to know what homes are not selling and why?

3) Call the buyers to let them know about the homes you found on the market.  Your communication to the buyer about the opportunity you discovered and if they would like a private showing.

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